May 2017

Why Your Car Isn’t Starting Up?

Being stuck with a car that just refuses to fire its engine is one of the most frustrating experiences ever. Whether you got all ready to go to work or on your dream trip that you have been planning for weeks without rest, you suddenly find out that you cannot use your vehicle. At this point, what most people do it to just give up on their plans for the day or find an alternative way to get to their destination? There are actually quite a lot of reasons why vehicles fail to start up, with some of them being easy fixes that don’t even take a lot of time.Given below is a list of common causes and how to fix them:

  • Out of Fuel – Sadly enough, there a lot of people who actually forget to check their fuel tank from time to time to assess whether their vehicle needs to get topped up. Cars will only run so long as there is fuel in the tank, and will just stop when it finishes. If you are the forgetful type, it might be a good idea to just check the fuel level to see if that is the root cause why your vehicle isn’t starting before you even think about calling for help.
  • Dead Battery – The second most likely culprit of a failed starting procedure is a non-working battery. Typically, car batteries can last from anything in between three to five years and will require replacing after they wear out. Most modern batteries will have an indicator that tells you about its condition, and it should be the first you look out for. Before you shop for batteries in Cairns or other cities, you should also check for any loose connections or oxidation on the terminals to see whether that might be causing problems as well even if your battery is still in good condition.
  • Bad Ignition Switch – Even if you buy the best deep cycle batteries for sale, it will likely not help you if the ignition switch itself is faulty. You can single out a bad switch by turning on your headlights. If they seem to work correctly, then your battery is working fine and it is the ignition switch itself that is giving you problems. Sadly, fixing it will require you to get a replacement part and to call a mechanic to do the job for you.
  • Wheel Lock – Most modern cars have an added anti-theft security measure that won’t allow you to start up the car without properly inserting the key inside the ignition. If it seems like your key and steering wheel are locked in position, then this is likely the culprit. You can easily fix this problem by nudging the steering wheel left and right until it final comes loose, and you won’t have problems with firing the engine.

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What To Do If Car Breaks Down?

Having your car break down in the middle of the road with other vehicles flying past can be quite scary. Car troubles can happen to anyone so you should be prepared for any emergency. This is especially important for those who are driving for the first time. Following the right steps when you run into car troubles is important if you want to ensure your safety, and the safety of other drivers.

Leave Road

While driving, if you realize that your car is malfunctioning, then try to head for the side of the road if possible. This way you are not in the way of the incoming traffic. If you are unable to move your car off the road then it is better to stay inside it. This is because it is dangerous to stand on the road, with other vehicles travelling at high speeds. This mainly applies to highways where walking on the road is very dangerous. Once the car has stopped, you should turn on your emergency blinkers so that other drivers know you are experiencing car troubles. You should also use the emergency brake after the car has stopped, so that it doesn’t accidentally move into other vehicles.

Get Help

After safely parking the car you need to call help. Having a list of important contacts is important in emergency situations like this. If your car is requires specialist attention, then having contacts for a BMW service or an audi mechanic from Melbourne, for example, can be useful. Once you call for help you should remain in your car until they arrive. This is because some services will not repair a car if the driver is not present, so it is important to stay with the car. If there are other vehicles on the road, and they are not travelling very fast, you can try asking other drivers for help. Sometimes your car may have a problem that can be resolved easily by an experienced driver, so it would not hurt to ask.

Don’t Fix the Problem Yourself

If you are not fully familiar with the workings of you car then you should not attempt to perform repairs on it. If the tires have blown out then you should attempt to put new tires only if you are aware of what needs to be done. If you try doing something you are not sure of, you may be making the problem even worse. It is better to wait for the professionals to arrive instead of attempting anything yourself. It will also be dangerous to work on the road if there are many vehicles passing by.

Advantages Diesel Engines Have Over Petrol Engines

There are millions and millions of vehicles sold worldwide every year. There is a huge demand for vehicles. This is because of the ease of travel and transport. Vehicles make our lives easier. Even though all vehicles fulfil a certain requirement there are many things that set each vehicle apart. From the size of the vehicle to the weight and speed differs. Further vehicles run on different mechanisms. Each manufacturer has their style technology that they embed into their vehicles. Other than this there are vehicles that run on petrol, diesel and vehicles that are hybrid and electric. Hybrid vehicles and electric are quote new but petrol and diesel vehicles have been there for many decades.

Diesels engines used to be very dirty and loud. Further diesel engines made the whole vehicle vibrate. With today’s technological progress and efficiency this is no longer the case. Diesel engines are a very attractive purchase to consumers. Some people are unaware of the difference between a petrol and diesel engine. Here’s a list of difference between diesel and petrol engines.

The biggest difference is the way both engines work. Petrol is more volatile therefore it is mixed with air before being compressed by the piston and ignited. Diesel engines on the other hand compressors the air first and thereafter fuel is injected. Petrol engines use spark plugs while diesel engines use fuel injectors.


When it comes to torque diesel engines are more powerful. Diesel engines have higher compression ratio than a diesel engine therefore it gives more power. Due to this most trucks, tankers and Lorries use diesel engines. Similarly many vehicles such a Honda, Ford, Toyota and Nissan Patrol wreckers are diesel for the added power. More power is always important when driving on rough terrain and difficult landscape.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption is better in a diesel vehicle than a petrol vehicle. Diesel is much richer in energy and you will have to go to a fuel station much fewer times than a petrol vehicle. Diesel engines give much better mileage than a petrol engine. A 4×4 vehicle such as the Nissan 4×4 wreckers benefits a lot from being a diesel engine. Visit this link for more info on NIssan 4×4 wreckers.

Holding the value
Diesel engines hold their value much longer than petrol vehicles.  This is a large advantage between petrol and diesel engines. Petrol engines fall faster in value than a diesel vehicle and after a few years will cost considerably less than their diesel counterpart. One of the reasons for this is the fuel efficiency that diesel vehicles have over petrol vehicles. This has always been the case and will continue to do so.

5 Reasons Why Maintenance Of Vehicle Is Important

If you are the person who does not take their vehicle to workshop for regular checkups, then read this page. In this section we covered the various benefits of getting the vehicle serviced.

It will keep you and your vehicle safe

We hear news about the accidents that happens because of fault in any part of the car. Some of the common accidents that happens because of vehicle not being serviced on time are caught fire after, sudden brake failure, engine heated up and vehicle stopped working, etc. These accidents do not happen because of fault in the vehicle, but it happened because of the owner of car’s negligence. Those people who take the regular servicing of car casually. Because, they do not take the vehicle to the workshop for a checkup and repair, thus they remain unaware of problems that is prevailing in the car and which leads to accidents like what is mentioned above.

Performance of the vehicle increases

A problem free vehicle gives the best performance always. When the vehicle is taken for the regular maintenance work, car mechanic minutely checks things in the vehicle, also do the replacement of parts that have issues or decreasing vehicle’s performance. This way, regular maintenance of the vehicle helps in increasing its performance.

Keeps the resale value high

When reselling of car is done, then a good condition vehicle always gets a better value. And to keep the vehicle in good condition there is only method present and that is regular maintenance of the vehicle. It will keep the vehicle in good condition and ensure that you get the best value of the car when it is resold.

Maintenance work at less cost

If you do not want to shred more money from your pocket while getting the servicing of your car done, then get it done at regular interval of time and on the due date. Because, the vehicle is checked regularly, therefore the chances of occurrence of major problem with the vehicle remain very less. The professionals check each and every part of the vehicle every time the car repair is done. Thus, it reduces the burden of one time charges on the vehicle’s owner.

Let you have a hassle free journey

When the vehicle is taken to the workshop every month on the due date for scheduled checkup, then the problems are fixed here at the initial level itself. This means you can always remain sure that no problem will hit your car all of a sudden. And thus you would be able to enjoy a safe and hassle free ride.

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How To Choose A Reliable Vehicle Rental Service?

If you are to look for a good company to hire a vehicle then you surely know that it is not the easiest of things to engage in, and an even tougher decision would be when you have to pick the best out of the ones that you have shortlisted from many. There may be many deciding factors like are you looking for the cheapest option, the best overall service provided or maybe you just want a vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone that you are planning to take on a certain journey. And with all these basic questions answered you will be able to find a good and reliable rental service which you could vest your faith in. and therefore make sure to read this article and take up the points and absorb them in to your mind before you start to make a decision on what the most suitable service centre.

When you are looking for hiring a vehicle from a rent a car Gold Coast make sure that it is reputed business, because newly started businesses are not to rely upon and when using a service making sure that they have several branches will also make your life much easy. For an instance if you need a vehicle to be rented for a airport drop off these vehicles will make sure that you are taken right to the airport shuttle bus and then billed you with the amount from an office that they have at the airport which makes everything more convenient and fast.

Or if you need a vehicle for a one day trip and on your way back you are to find another branch of the same company then you are ought to keep them informed that you will be returning the vehicle to a said branch instead of the place where you got it from.Another factor which you have to keep and out for is the age of the fleet of vehicle owned by the well known commercial vehicle hire. Certain companies rent out vehicles which they have had for a longer period of time and most of them have gone through a higher mileage and may not have been through the best maintenance. And they may also have visible damaged on the vehicle such as interior damages scratches on the door etc.Therefore, always keep in mind that choosing the best company doesn’t mean that you go for the same thing over and over again. Different companies serve different wants and needs therefore you need to find something that is in line with your requirements.

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How To Get The Best Price On A Vehicle

While it may look easier to purchase a vehicle, we all know how tough and tricky it can be. When you are in a rush to buy a vehicle or if you are not prepared well to negotiate, you will easily be taken on a ride by different dealerships. So many people end up spending way more than the actual value of a vehicle under such circumstances. Having enough of knowledge about car values, being vigilant about the condition of the car and learning how to negotiate can help you get a good deal. Read the below tactics to know how to get the best price on a vehicle.

Define your Budget

The first step of the car shopping process is to understand how much you can spend on a car. For this, you must evaluate your day to day needs and wants. Then you can identify what type of vehicle will be suitable for you. Next, check the prices of the vehicle models you are interested in and determine if you can afford the purchase. If you are planning to make the purchase through a loan settlement, find out about interest rates from the lender.

Think about the Future

It is important to assess the future of a vehicle by checking its resale value. Getting the best deal on a vehicle also means that you buy a vehicle that has a good resale value. Brand new cars depreciate fast in value and it could be a bad investment on the long run. If you are a first timer, consider buying a cheap second hand car in Hong Kong until you can afford a brand new. This way you will also pay less on insurance and tax.

Keep Negotiating

Negotiating with the dealership is the only way to bring down the upfront price of a vehicle. When negotiating the best deal keep in mind to never share information about your financing with the dealership. Put your best foot forward and start negotiating the price. Dealers are likely to bring down the price if you stay firm. Even if you want to buy a vehicle from places that sell second hand car models, you should still negotiate and get the best price possible.

Approach Multiple Dealerships

Finally, you should definitely go to several car sales and get quotes from them. Rather than doing it all in one day, it is better to visit dealerships throughout a period of time as prices of vehicles constantly fluctuate. After you get quotes, assess them and identify which dealership offers the best price for the type of vehicle you are looking at.

If you have read through these steps, you are on the right path. They will ensure that you secure the best deal possible when buying your next car.