4 Simple Ideas To Decorate A Canopy Bed

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A canopy is one that typically has 4 posts on each corner extending upwards from the bed. There are so many different ways in which you can decorate such a canopy bed and it is always fun to try out different ways to do so. Given below are a few ideas that you could consider for decoration:

Addition of curtains

You could simply add some curtain on to the poles of the beds to match with the rest of the curtains in your bedroom. This will create a themed look that will look tasteful and uniform throughout the entire room. This is also a good way to blend your bed in to the rest of the room or you could add more focus on to your bed by putting plain white or a solid pale colour sheet so that anyone entering the room will have their eyes immediately on the bed. A canvas canopy material would not suit for your bed canopy.

How to let the fabric fall

When you put fabric on to the poles, you could either allow them to fall freely or tie them up with curtain ties to the poles of the canopy. This will depend on the choice of material that you plan to use, if it is heavy fabric, it would sometimes be convenient to have them tied using tie backs. If however, the material is light and that like lace and transparent, this could be allowed to hand loose on the sides of the bed. A canopy such as a ute canopy at Pro Fit Canopies does not require such canvasses for their canopies as they have them installed already.

Other accessories that can be used to decorate

You would also notice that, although the type of fabric plays an important role in decorating a canopy bed, other features of the bed such as the poles would also add to the look of the bed. A plain dark wood bed would touch of masculinity with dark drapes. While wrought iron poles matched with some sheer or lace fabric will give a touch of elegance to the room. Heavier fabric usually has a more dramatic effect on a bedroom while sheer or satin fabrics create a soft, warm and romantic look. Your canopy bed can also be decorated with some differently sized cushions to catch the eye of the onlooker.

Minimalistic approach

Alternatively, you could opt for leaving the poles undecorated without any fabric, as they make great statement bed posts on their own. This is especially true for a small bedroom and using this simplistic approach will add more light and space to your bedroom.

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