Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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Most car and truck owners out there now know better than to neglect their vehicles only to find them needing expensive repairs at the most impropriate of times. After all, taking care of a vehicle is a part of being its owner: you cannot simply avoid this fact.
Nowadays, vehicles come with detailed instruction manuals which give their owners lots of critical information on how to best use and maintain their vehicles, including suggested ratings and parameters for parts like tyres or which type of oil and lubricant to use. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who do some basic mistakes when it comes to maintenance and repair work. While some of these are rather harmless, there are a few that can have a huge impact, sometimes big enough to severely compromise a vehicle’s performance or lifespan.For example, you will want to avoid making all of these mistakes:

Delaying Regular Servicing Work – Sometimes, you may want to try and delay the regular maintenance work you are supposed to carry out every few months or after a certain amount of kilometres. Things such as oil and other fluid changes fall under this category. While you can get away with smaller delays in maintenance work, you should always try to do it one time. Otherwise, why would car manufacturers be bothered to even recommend you to swap your oil after a few thousand kilometres?

  • Not Inspecting Your Tyres – Your vehicles’ tyres are the only things making contact with the road, which means that having worn or underinflated tyres makes your vehicle quite unsafe, both for you and other road users. This can bite you in the most unexpected of situations, such as when making a turn at high speed or suddenly swerving to avoid some kind of obstacle. Be sure to inspect your tyres on a regular basis.
  • Deeply Discharging Your Battery – Your car battery will not discharge by itself provided that you keep your engine running most of the time. Nevertheless, if you keep using your DVD player or any other electrical device on your vehicle (even the headlamps) without the engine running, the battery can quickly lose all of its charge. Most vehicle batteries (except deep cycle batteries) won’t tolerate many such discharge cycles, and will likely die prematurely.
  • Jump Starting Without Proper Knowledge – There might come a time when your vehicle just refuses to start due to a dead battery. A good solution to get your car rolling would be finding another nearby vehicle to jump start it, rather than going out to search for some cheap car batteries Brisbane. While the process itself is very simple, you need to take precautionary steps to avoid damages. Try to jump start in a safe location, away from traffic, and be sure to only connect the correct terminals to each other. Never try to smoke or light a fire nearby, as it may cause a spark and sudden fire that you may not be able to control.
  • Disregarding Warning Lights – Most modern vehicles have quite a lot of warning lights integrated into their dashboard, to help their owners identify and fix any issue that might crop up, while also wasting less time on diagnosing the cause. Never ignore warning lights that suddenly pop out, such as the ever common check engine light. You never know if there’s a serious fault that could lead to expensive repairs if left unattended.