What To Do If Car Breaks Down?

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Having your car break down in the middle of the road with other vehicles flying past can be quite scary. Car troubles can happen to anyone so you should be prepared for any emergency. This is especially important for those who are driving for the first time. Following the right steps when you run into car troubles is important if you want to ensure your safety, and the safety of other drivers.

Leave Road

While driving, if you realize that your car is malfunctioning, then try to head for the side of the road if possible. This way you are not in the way of the incoming traffic. If you are unable to move your car off the road then it is better to stay inside it. This is because it is dangerous to stand on the road, with other vehicles travelling at high speeds. This mainly applies to highways where walking on the road is very dangerous. Once the car has stopped, you should turn on your emergency blinkers so that other drivers know you are experiencing car troubles. You should also use the emergency brake after the car has stopped, so that it doesn’t accidentally move into other vehicles.

Get Help

After safely parking the car you need to call help. Having a list of important contacts is important in emergency situations like this. If your car is requires specialist attention, then having contacts for a BMW service or an audi mechanic from Melbourne, for example, can be useful. Once you call for help you should remain in your car until they arrive. This is because some services will not repair a car if the driver is not present, so it is important to stay with the car. If there are other vehicles on the road, and they are not travelling very fast, you can try asking other drivers for help. Sometimes your car may have a problem that can be resolved easily by an experienced driver, so it would not hurt to ask.

Don’t Fix the Problem Yourself

If you are not fully familiar with the workings of you car then you should not attempt to perform repairs on it. If the tires have blown out then you should attempt to put new tires only if you are aware of what needs to be done. If you try doing something you are not sure of, you may be making the problem even worse. It is better to wait for the professionals to arrive instead of attempting anything yourself. It will also be dangerous to work on the road if there are many vehicles passing by.